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The nightlife in Tallinn is well known for its ecstatic and dynamic energy. New York Times rated Tallinn as one of the best party capitals in the world and even Vogue magazine was impressed and had only praise for the nightlife of Tallinn.

You can find a big variety and selection of pubs, bars and nightclubs in the heart of Tallinn’s old town that will be sure suit you no matter what your taste. There’s everything from traditional pubs, luxurious and trendy lounges to nightclubs with various themes and music. The nightclubs usually open their doors at around 11pm and most are open until 5 or 6am which should satisfy even the hardiest of party animals visiting Tallinn.

In order to make your choice easier and plan your night out in Tallinn, we have chosen the best nightclubs, lounges and pubs in Tallinn. That will guarantee the best experience for you, no matter if you want to dance and feel the high pulse at a nightclub, enjoy the quiet atmosphere with a tasty drink in a lounge or sit back and relax with a good beer in a friendly pub. We have everything included in our essential nightlife guide. It is more fun to party in Tallinn. As we say – All In – In Tallinn!

We have selected the best nightclubs, lounges and pubs in Tallinn that guarantees the best experience for you, whether you want to dance and feel of the high heart rate at a nightclub, enjoy the quiet atmosphere of a lounge, or enjoy a good beer at one of the pubs. It is fun to have fun in the night life in Tallinn. In other words, All-In Tallinn!

Below here you can navigate and read more about the best nightlife spots in Tallinn.

If you have any more questions about the nightlife in Tallinn then you can contact our nightlife guide Toomas on


Pubs and Bars in Tallinn
Lounges in Tallinn
Nightclubs in Tallinn
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