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30 mind-blowing facts about Estonia


1. Estonia has the world’s largest collection of recorded folk songs – around 133,000.

2. Estonia has one of the world’s cleanest air according to the WHO.

3. Skype was invented in Estonia.

4. Wifi access point is available throughout Estonia. Even in the woods.

5. Over 50% of Estonia’s landmass consists of forests.

6. Estonia is one of the world’s most free countries according to The State of the World Liberty Project.

7. Estonia was the first country in the world to introduce digital voting, in 2005.

8. Estonia is the world’s least religious country.

9. The first food intended for space travel was manufactured in Estonia in 1962.

10. Estonia has the most supermodels per capita in the world.

11. In Estonia, there are more women than men. For every 100 women, there are 84 men.

12. St. Olav’s church in Tallinn is said to have been the world’s tallest building between 1549 and 1625 with its 159 meters.

13. Estonia’s capital Tallinn has one of Europe’s best preserved and most intact medieval city centers.

14. Lake Peipsi is Europe’s 4th largest freshwater lake.

15. Estonia’s capital Tallinn offers free public transport for its residents.

16. Estonia has the highest literacy among adults in the world – 99.8%.

17. Estonia has over 2000 islands.

18. Suur Munamägi (“Big Egg mountain”) is the highest mountain in the Baltics with its 318 meters above sea level.

19. The city of Kuressaare on Ösel is the world’s most spa-dense city.

20. Estonia won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2001.

21. Arvo Pärt, the Estonian composer, is one of the most influential classical composers in the 21st century.

22. In Estonia, the first jazz concerts were organized in the Soviet Union during the 1950s and 1960s when jazz music was forbidden in the Soviet Union.

23. Ilon Wikland, who has illustrated most of Astrid Lindgren’s children’s books, was born in Estonia in 1930 and came to Sweden as a 14-year refugee during World War II.

24. Estonian Paul Keres was among the 10 best chess players in the world between the years 1930-1960.

25. Tartu University in the city of Tartu is one of Europe’s oldest universities. It was founded in 1632 by the Swedish King Gustav II Adolf.

26. Estonia’s current territory has throughout the ages been part of Denmark, Sweden, Russia and the German Order.

27. Estonia was one of the first countries in the world to introduce a flat tax system.

28. Estonia is famous for its meteorite craters, especially around Kaali on Ösel, where a meteorite hit the earth 7000 years ago.

29. Estonia celebrates Independence Day 2 times a year-24 February and 20 August.

30. Estonia’s flag consists of 3 colors: blue, black, white. Blue stands for faith, loyalty and devotion. Black stands for the dark past, suffering and the earth. White stands for the search for virtue and enlightenment and is also the color of the hope.

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