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Tallinn Facts

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Tallinn facts – Facts about Tallinn Estonia

If you are looking for Tallinn facts, you have found the right page. It is easy to get to Tallinn from Stockholm as well as many European cities. The trip from Stockholm with a flight takes just 55 minutes or 2 hours from the UK. You will land at Tallinn’ s Lennart Meri Airport just a short 10 minute bus or taxi ride from central city.

If you arrive by boat or ferry then you will land just 200m from the medieval Old Town’s well-preserved city wall.

Tallinn is full of life all year round. During the summers the international cruise vessels are fighting for a spot in Tallinn’s bustling port. Concerts and festivals are lining up one after another – Tallinn annually organizes festivals such as the beer festival, jazz festival, opera festival, folklore festival, film festival, maritime festival, medieval festival and much more.

During the last few years Tallinn has also become known as the nightlife city of Eastern Europe and recently was awarded the best party city in the world by the New York Times.

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Tallinn is a mix of medieval atmosphere and modern technology

– Tallinn will make you breathless, but you will never lose touch with the rest of the world. Tallinn is at the forefront of digital technology and you can go online almost anywhere – in the hotel, library, concert halls, in the old town’s pubs, nightclubs and restaurants – even at the beach.

Tallinn is a good starting point or base for travelling around the rest of Estonia. Distances between Tallinn and Estonia’s other cities and islands are short, public transport is regular and cheap and the roads are good. Tallinn has several beautiful beaches within a short distance with a taxi. There is good transport links and presence to nature and history that makes Tallinn a pleasant tourist city.

Tallinn has several beautiful beaches within a short distance by bus or taxi. If you want to find the best attractions, hear about Tallinn’s past and present as well as receive tips on shopping, dining and entertainment – then go on a guided tour with our Swedish speaking guide.

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If you just want to have fun and dive straight into Tallinn’s nightlife,contact our nightlife guide Toomas who can advise you about the best nightclubs in Tallinn.

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