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Estonia turns 100!


On February 24, Estonia celebrates its annual Independence Day. This year, Estonia is also turning 100 years old!

How can a young country like Estonia turn 100 years old?

Here’s how: February 24, 1918, when Estonia’s independence was proclaimed for the first time. Prior to that, Estonia’s current territory was part of Tsarist Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the German Order.

Who are the Estonian people then?

We are a small Finnish-Ugric people, an indigenous people who have inhabited the other side of the Baltic Sea for over 5,000 years. At first, we were free, then we became occupied and now we are free again.

There are only about 1 million Estonians. But to put it in perspective – We have not only survived as a nation with our own language, we have also invented Skype and sent a satellite into space!

Powerful neighbors have lost blood in the wars to conquer Estonia. Nevertheless, the Estonians blue-black-white flag once again sits at the top of the Domberg castle in Tallinn, since 1991. This was when Estonia again proclaimed its independence for the second time. Without war and without a single death victim. Have you heard of the “singing revolution”? It is also an Estonian invention. Isn’t it unique in world history that a subjugated people gather in a field and sing so loudly, so beautifully and for so long time that it makes the oppressive regime to fall? Well, that’s, the Estonians.

Music and song were part of Estonia’s liberation and are part of the celebration of the country’s 100th anniversary this year and next year. See https://www.ev100.ee/en

Come and celebrate with us!

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