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Shopping in Tallinn

Are you curious about shopping in Tallinn? Do you want to know where you can find the best shopping experiences? Great, because we know! In order to help you save time and find the best shopping experience, we’ve compiled a shopping guide for you.


1. VIRU KESKUS – Tallinn’s best shopping center

Viru Keskus

Viru Keskus in Tallinn

Viru Keskus is a symbol for shopping in Tallinn and is completely impossible to miss, as it is located right in the center of Tallinn. In Viru Keskus you can find whatever your heart desires, from jewelry to electronics, alcohol to food, but especially shoes and clothing. You will do basically all your shopping here!

Viru Keskus was opened up in 2004 and has last year undergone a minor renovation that has given it a more modern image. This has meant that the Estonian domestic stores have had to leave to and make room for international clothing chains.

Viru Keskus now has the following new shoe and clothing stores:

Dune London – The only store in the Baltic and Northern Europe
Brooks Brothers –
Sole in Northern Europe
River Island –
Sole in Northern Europe
Pedro part Herrio
Shoe shops Ecco, Aldo
Massimo Dutti, first in Estonia

There are 5 floors in the Viru Keskus. On the ground floor there is the supermarket with ready-made dishes from hot food to salads. Here you can also take the opportunity to buy alcohol.

On the 1st floor begins the start of your shopping exploration. It features well-known clothing brands for both men and women such as Zara, River Island, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and many more. In addition to clothing you can for example find jewelry, electronics stores such as Euronics and one of Tallinn’s largest beauty departments with makeup, perfumes, etc. In the mood for a snack before continuing your shopping spree on the 2nd floor? Take the opportunity to sit down for a cup of coffee at the newly renovated Wayne’s Coffee.

Viru Keskus in Tallinn

Viru Keskus in Tallinn


Once on the 2nd floor you will find lots of shoe stores along with men’s and women’s clothing. Are you considering a new pair of shoes? Here the choice is wide and varied. Slip on your new trendy smart shoes or replace your old and worn sneakers in one of the many new shoe shops in the Viru Keskus! Go to the Baltics biggest Salamander store for some inspiration before continuing on to ABC King, Ecco or Dune London.

You are probably wondering if it is worth buying clothes here? It certainly is, with the number of international clothing brands and stores in one of the Baltic’s most attractive shopping centers.In Viru Keskus you can find both long standing clothing stores like Mango, Marco Polo and Diesel, as well as the newly opened stores such as Massimo Dutti, Karen Miller, Brooks Brothers and Reserved.


Viru Keskus in Tallinn

Viru Keskus in Tallinn

If you need another rest after all that shopping you can put down those heavy bags and take a seat at Reval Cafe to perk yourself up with some coffee and cake.

On the 3rd floor clothing stores are replaced with a brand new theme, books. Here you will find the Baltic region’s largest bookstore “Rahva Raamat” with both old and new books available, including books in English. This is yet another place to disconnect. Grab a coffee a good book and enjoy the tranquil location.

In addition to the theme of shopping there is a fresh and modern gym, Myfitness on the 4th floor. An extra tip is to visit Rooftop Cinema (Katusekino) open every summer on the 5th floor. This is Estonia’s only Rooftop Cinema and shows a selection of old classics as well foreign language titles.

With everything at a glance: Why should You visit Viru Keskus?

Viru Keskus is the best and most diverse shopping center in Tallinn. For clothes and shoes there is no better shopping center in Tallinn, especially now with all international brands on offer.


[color-box color=’#D8D8D8′ customcolorpicker=’#D8D8D8′ rounded=false dropshadow=false]Viru Keskus opening hours: Monday – Sunday 08.00 – 21.00

Adress: Viru Väljak 4

Website: http://www.virukeskus.com/en[/color-box]



2. Solaris Keskus – entertainment center


Solaris in Tallinn

Solaris in Tallinn

Solaris is the latest in a line of modern shopping center in Tallinn. The mall opened in 2009 and is a modern shopping complex on 5 floors. Unlike Viru Keskus, there is less focus on clothing boutiques here and more focus on fun and entertainment. Here you can find a lot, ranging from electronics, restaurants and a cinema to smaller textile and jewelry stores.

On the ground floor you will find a large supermarket, various shops and gourmet restaurants. On level 1 are shoe stores like NS King and Trend Express and among the few clothing stores it is worth mentioning Denim Dream. Among electronics shops you’ll find a Sony Center and an Apple store for those Mac fanatics.

If you get hungry for something quick and tasty to eat, you will find the Italian restaurant Vapiano on the first floor, directly at the main entrance. Vapiano is a popular restaurant for the locals in Tallinn and a good choice if you want to eat cheap, delicious and filling food. The service is excellent too! Try a pizza or any of their pasta dishes, dishes cost around 5 EUR.


solaris tallinn

Solaris in Talllinn

On the 3rd floor there is less shopping and here you will find instead the bookstore Apollo, where in addition to books they also sell DVD’s. Take the opportunity to sit down in a comfortable armchair and read a book.

Are you tempted by the cinema instead? The Cinema Solaris Kino offers the best cinema experience in town with Tallinn’s largest 3D cinema system. Moreover, the best everyday restaurant in Tallinn Lido is located here. This is a great buffet restaurant serving almost everything. If you want to feel full and satisfied then this is an obvious choice.

On the 4th floor you will find the cozy café “Komeet”. Enjoy a light meal, have a coffee and relax while enjoying the beautiful panoramic views of Tallinn. As an added feature, Komeet has a roof terrace open every summer on the 5th floor. Although Solaris is called a shopping center, it is not directly targeted for those who want to shop, but is more of a place for relaxing and entertaining.

Why visit Solaris Keskus?

  • Two of the most affordable restaurants are available here.
  • Solaris cinema is Tallinn’s best cinematic experience.

An extra tip: Nordea Konserdimaja which is part of Solaris boasts the largest event and concert hall in Estonia. With room for up to 1830 visitors who can enjoy theater shows and concerts.


[color-box color=’#D8D8D8′ customcolorpicker=’#D8D8D8′ rounded=false dropshadow=false]Solaris opening hours: Monday – Sunday 09.00 – 23.00

Adress: Estonia pst 9
Website: http://www.solaris.ee/en/[/color-box]



3. Stockmann – More expensive shopping


Stockmann in Tallinn

Stockmann in Tallinn

The Finnish retail chain Stockmann opened its Tallinn shopping center in 199. This five-storey shopping center includes food, clothing, home and electronics departments.

Directly on the first floor you will find a great perfume department and a supermarket that has Tallinn’s most delicious and best foods counter with salads, fish, meat and hot food. There is also an alcohol department opposite with an interesting and wide selection of beers and wines.

With an escalator you will find yourself on the 2nd floor where there are men’s clothes and exclusive clothing brands for those who want to spend a little more. Among clothing brands includes Calvin Klein, Bugatti and Levis. If need a new suitcase to take home all those new purchases, there is a section for bags of all sizes. As always, a shopping center must also include a cafe. Stockmann may not have Tallinn’s coziest cafe but it’s comfortable enough for a quick coffee before continuing on up the floors.

On the next floor the theme is clothing and shoes. On your tour you will find brands like AJ, DKNKY, Vero Moda, Spirit and Guess Jeans. We would also point out that there are handbags here from upscale brand Michael Kors. Need something for your kitchen or bedroom you will find the home department on floor 4. If you have kids with you, let the fun in the children’s play area here, while you continue your shopping.

Everything must come to an end, even your shopping trip. Finishing on floor 5 you will find Seppäla, Finland’s largest clothing chain. Shopping is fun but also very energy draining. So refuel at the restaurant “Daily Specials” where you can dine and enjoy a spectacular view of Tallinn.

Good with Stockmann:

Even if you are not going to find the cheapest shopping in Tallinn at Stockmann , you’re guaranteed to find quality.

If an expensive shopping experience will discourage you, we can at least give one good reason to visit Stockmann. They have the most delicious deli counter in Tallinn with everything from salads to hot dishes.

Summary of shopping in Tallinn:

Shopping is arguably one of the pleasures of Tallinn.The number of international brands and range or shops improves year on year. Do not forget that the clothing chain H & M recently opened in Tallinn, which we also blogged about.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about shopping in Tallinn? Do not hesitate to contact us! Have you had any experience of shopping in Tallinn that you want to share? Comment below.


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