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Our Tours

TIME: 2 -2,5 hour guided tour of Tallinn’s Old Town. 

PRICE: Please contact us for price information. 

Tallinn private tour guide – During our 2 hours private  walking tour of Tallinn’s Old Town , you will get an overview of the city’s history from its founding right up until the present day.

We start our Tallinn walking tour in Toompea in front of the parliament building. During our stop in Toompea we will tell you about Estonian history, current political system and population. We will walk into the impressive Russian orthodox cathedral, which was a symbol of the Tsar’s power over the country. The houses and palaces of Toompea indicate the significant role of Baltic and Swedish noble families in the history of Estonia. We will make a stop at Tallinn’s best lookout point, where you will get marvelous views accross the Medieval old town and beyond.

Our Tallinn private tour guide will then continue the Tallinn walking tour down a narrow staircase from the Upper to the Lower Town. This was the part of old Tallinn where merchants and craftsmen lived and where the wealthy Hanseatic city’s heart lay at the Old Town Hall Square.

Here, every house has a story to tell. Our Tallinn private tour guide will continue by walking along Pikk street which was the main street during the middle ages. The city’s most important merchant associations and guilds were located here. Pikk Street is also associated with many dramatic events that took place in the country over the past 700 years. The Tallinn walking tour ends at the Town Hall Square with tips on restaurants and shopping venues.


Patarei Prison in Tallinn

Patarei Prison in Tallinn

Our combined city and bus tour lasts 3.5 hours and will give you an overall picture of Tallinn. The Tallinn private tour guide  includes both a guided walk of Tallinn’s old town of (see above) and a bus ride through the city’s diverse areas. We will pass a notorious and now abandoned prison and the newly opened Seaplane harbour museum. We walk around the distinct wood buildings of the Kalamaja and Kopli districts, where you get a sense that time has stood still for decades.

The journey continues at Kadriorg Palace and Park that was created in the 1700’s by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great. It was the Russian tzar who wanted to modernize Russia and get access to the Baltic trade routes through Tallinn which back then was called Reval.

Our Tallinn private tour guide will pass the song festival grounds, a place that is near the heart for ever Estonians. It was here we sang ourselves free during the “Singing Revolution” in 1988 and this is where tens of thousands of singers and dancers from all over Estonia gather every five years for a magnificent song and folk dance festival. Come and experience this year’s song festival between 4 – 6 July!

The residential area of Lasnamäe close by, serves as a living example of the Soviet eras housing and population policy. Our jouney continues in the Pirita area where the ruins of the St. Bridget’s Convent stands almost opposite the former Olympic Village.For it was in 1980 when the Summer Olympics were held in Moscow and the Olympic sailing regatta in Tallinn.

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The price of our 3,5 hours combined city tour and bus tour is based on whether you would like to use our transport services or if you wish to use your own transport.