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Travel by plane or ferry to Tallinn? We can help you!


So how can you get to Tallinn? Should you take a plane or a ferry? Where should you stay? All this can be found in our travel summary below.


Estonia is a member country of Schengen This means that EU citizens do not need a visa to travel to Estonia, however you will require a valid passport or national identity card. It is not enough to only bring with your driver’s license.


Since 2011, Estonia currancy has been Euro. In most stores you can pay with your Swedish debit card and all major credit cards are accepted. If you want to take a taxi or go shopping on the markets you will however need cash. Exchange offices are available in the harbour, at the airport and in the banks. You can withdraw Euros in cash with your Swedish debit card from ATMs, however your bank may levy a fee to withdraw cash. Please checks your banks terms and conditions.


Flights from Sweden to Tallinn


The fastest way to travel to Tallinn is with flight from Stockholm. This takes about 55 minutes. There are several airlines that fly directly from Sweden to Tallinn. If you book your flight early, you do not have to pay more than 300 – 500 SEK for a one way ticket. You will land at Tallin’s Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, 4 km from the city centre.

More about the airport at http://www.tallinn-airport.ee/eng

There will not be any problems to find a taxi outside the airport and a trip into the Tallinn city costs between 7-10 EUR. You can also take an aiport shuttle (No. 2), into town, the ticket costs 1,6 Euros and you can buy it from the driver. The journey to the city center takes just 10 minutes.




Flights from Sweden to Tallinn

  • SAS: SAS fly from Stockholm to Tallinn. (They have the most departures each day). Read more at www.sas.se

  • Flybe: Flybe operate flights between Stockholm / Bromma and Tallinn. Read more at http://www.flybe.se

Note! Tallinn is unique to have an airport that is so close to the city center. It takes just 10 minutes by bus or taxi to the citys downtown.


Flights from Norway to Tallinn

  • Norwegian: Norwegian: is flying from Oslo/ Gardemoen airport to Tallinn 3-4 days per week yearly. Read more at http://www.norwegian.com/se/


Flights from Denmark to Tallinn


Ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn

The Tallinnk Silja cruise boats go to Tallinn daily from Värtahamnen in Stockholm. In Stockholm you you can reach Värtahamnen with T-track (From the Central Line towards Ropsten, aligthing at ”Gärdet” or by bus No.1 from the central station.

Tallinnk shuttle buses will pick up the arrivals from Härnösand, Mora, Karlstad and Gothenburg and other resorts on the way to Stockholm and Värtahamnen. Read more at www.tallinksilja.se


You will arrive at Terminal D in Tallinn. Usally, there is a stand with taxis ready to pick up newly arrived visitors and tourist. If you need to exhange money to EUR, there are currency exchange offices in Terminal D and even ATMs. A Tallinn cruise means that you will have time to be in Tallinn for half a day while the boat is standing in the port (5,5 hours)

Those hours will be good enough for a guided walk of the old town with shopping, or a guided bus tour with us. Read more about this in our tours section.

We recommend booking a weekend trip to Tallinn in order to see all the best attractions in Tallinn and also enjoy vibrant nightlife.


Hotels in central Tallinn

We can recommend you a few hotels in central Tallinn at bargain prices. These hotels are located near both the modern Tallinn city and the old town.


swissotel tallinn  Swissôtel Tallinn

Swissôtel is a 5 star hotel right next to the shopping centre Stockmann in Tallinn.This hotel complex stands 117 meters tall and comprises of 30 floors, making it one of the tallest hotels in the Baltic´s. The hotel has 238 rooms and suites, 3 restaurants and 3 bars.

Read more at http://www.swissotel.com/hotels/tallinn/



radisson-blu-tallinn  Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu is a 4 star hotel located just 100 meters away from Swissotel. It is 28 stories high. On the 24th floor you will find the hotel´s trendy cocktail lounge ”Lounge 24”. Here you will without a doubt enjoy the best views of Tallinn.

Read more at http://www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tallinn


sokos-hotel-viru-tallinnSokos Hotel Viru

Sokos Hotel Viru is a 4 star hotel that is connected to Tallinn’s most popular shopping mall Viru Keskus. It is located in the heart of the centre of Tallinn and near the H & M store. The hotel is both close to the old town and within reasonable walking distance of the harbour.

Read more at https://www.sokoshotels.fi/en/tallinn


Hostel in Tallinn

If you are looking for good lower cost accomadation, we can recommend a few hostels in Tallinn which all are located either in central Tallinn or in the heart of the old town.


Most Swedes usallly visit Tallinn on a day cruise from Stockholm. However, we recommend that you at staying for a few days or over a weekend. 2-3 days is usually enough to get a good overview of the city, visit the attractions in Tallinn and also enjoy Tallinn’s vibrant nightlife.

The best time to travel to Tallinn is between April and October.

Once you’ve decided on a trip to Tallinn make sure you book a personal Tallinn city tour with us. Get more information about our Tallinn tours  and book a tour with us.

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